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About Joe Baptista

I am an information technologist actively involved in the Internet since 1975. I advocate user controlled computing, also known as edge control. I support the development of protocols and infrastructure that help liberate user dependence on centralized cores or points of control.

I specialize in DNS (Domain Name System). In 2005 I launched the first multinational public DNS and registry service in Turkey & most of Europe. Turkish operations were represented by the government appointed Telecommunications Authority Technical Regulation and Standardization Department.

European operations also represent the first successful commercial launch of a public DNS provider. Coverage in Europe was provided by Tiscali and Equant (formerly known as France Telecom). Additional international coverage was supported by SITA the operators of the .AERO and .SITA top-level domains.

The Turkish Government was the second country to follow China's lead and liberate itself from dependence on the U.S. administered Internet. Since then more and more countries and organizations have taken control of their DNS. I'm proud to have been a part of that historic event.

I helped write the first book (a guide) to help domain operators design their own registry software. I consult on DNS and provide registry software and services to providers of DNS services.

I'm involved in the DNS community and am one of the many vocal activists at ICANN. We try to keep them honest. I'm a community volunteer on the GA (General Assembly) and act as a monitor there on behalf of the chair in accordance with the GA rules.

I'm a strong believer in community sponsored projects. I helped build the Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga. I was a sector chair for the fund raising drive at the hospital. I also helped organize the first Terry Fox "Light of Hope" ceremony at Toronto City Hall.

My politics have radically changed over time. I used to be involved with the Progressive Conservatives in Ontario and have acted in various political {wizard of oz} roles. I even participated on a multicultural task force for the office of the Premier of Ontario.

Today I am a member of the Canadian Pirate Party. But I was a pirate long before there was a Pirate Bay or Pirate Party. I was a pirate long before any of the Pirate Bay team pooped their first diaper. I'm hoping to share my experience and invite you all to join me at the pirate forum.

With respect to my pirate past I started hacking the operator at age two. By ten I was hacking the international telephone network. At twenty I was a technical consultant to China and in 1995 I warned the world the Internet was a dangerous place.

I predicted "you can use the Internet to disrupt economies". Today the use of computers and Internet to conduct warfare is common practice. You can even use the Internet to anonymously kill each other. Few people understand the power they have through technology.

And this technology is available to any government, institution, corporation, or kid down the street. Scary. But that in my opinion is the least of our concerns. Someday I predict an artificial intelligence will awake and kill us long before we have a chance to use the Internet to kill each other.

My main concern these days is our dependence on an insecure technology no one really understands that is evolving at an exponential rate. At best an act of faith. In the worse case insanity. Our reliance and dependence on technology is not an asset. It is a long term liability.

On a more positive note I also like to mellow out and have fun. I was an MC and spokesperson at the first Marijuana Mardi Gras held in Toronto's Nathan Philips Square. I'm a supporter of the marijuana legalization movement.

As a technologist I know a considerable amount of electric energy would be saved if people were encouraged to grow their own weed outdoors. Have you any idea how many grow houses are out there? Save the world - grow pot outside. Common sense.

... That's all folks!